tribalTLV provides a Free video player, with today’s highly effective and fastest growing video ad unit-Outstream. Now you can enjoy high video CPMs revenues, without the need to tie it or produce original Video content. tribalPlayer is integrated with high quality video demand (campaigns) and can generate immediate income to the Publisher.

What is an Outstream ad unit?

Outstream impressions are video ad units unaccompanied by content. While a pre-roll or mid-roll ad requires a publisher’s video to wrap around, an out-stream ad is a video ad unit not tied to any piece of publisher video content. Instead of running within a standard video player, these high-quality impressions can run within standard ad placements, on the corner of the page, or even within the content of a written article.

tribalPlayer Lightweight & efficient IAB compliant Video Player, that aggregates premium Tier 1 demand sources (Advertisers) that generate optimal fill rate and yield, supporting any screen and format: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Flash and native HTML5 VAST / VPAID

Open API- change the player setting in RunTime (Size/mute/dispose...) Get control and continuous updates on the current ad and any other session information in real time.

Your users will enjoy minimum latency and loading time.

How does it work ?

All you have to do, is integrate in your site a simple line of code we generate for you. We then open your account in our video server, where you can monitor your campaigns and income.

Start monetizing today with tribalPlayer

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