Top Brands & Superior Delivery

Using best-in-class technology and digital insights, we draw upon our portfolio of

premium video advertising to enhance your digital properties and maximize revenue

and ROI.

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With innovative ad units and optimization technology, we deliver the most engaging video ads to the right consumers at the right time.

Online video is the fastest growing form of advertising thanks to explosive growth of video on devices

such as smart TV’s, smartphones, and game consoles. High quality video transmission technologies such as

4G have made video consumption more accessible than ever – anywhere at any time.

We have integrated with the leading video advertising exchanges and use our cutting

edge technology to bridge between the most engaging content supply – across all

devices, categories, and verticals – with the most relevant demand bids, in order to

deliver the most relevant and compelling marketing messages to the right consumer at

the right time.



Reach & Target Worldwide

We leverage best-in-class targeting technology to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

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What happens when you take decades of combined advertising industry expertise, use

cutting edge technology, and apply it to monetize high quality content worldwide? You

generate the highest advertising ROI possible!

We generate 10 billion monthly ad impressions across high quality content worldwide.

Our dedicated optimization teams and account managers use best-in-class technology

to select the best campaigns and match them with the most relevant audience

consuming the most engaging content for each client. They dedicate the time and

resources necessary to customize solutions to generate the highest ROI.


Global Network


Our team of expert media buyers, salespeople, and account managers work tirelessly to


Premium advertising: We infuse our publishers’ web and mobile properties with the most

premium offers and ads, maximizing their inventory with the highest eCPM’s and giving them a

competitive edge

Real time campaign optimization: leveraging both algorithmic and manual solutions and


We support all banner sizes and formats and serve them around the globe 24/7



Generating the Highest ROI

For both branding and performance campaigns

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Consumers have gone mobile, turning to their ever more sophisticated

devices to search, share, read, buy, play and subscribe through their

smartphones and tablets.

Your consumers are mobile – and they move quickly. Choosing the optimal

channels and formats in this new mobile ecosystem – search, social, video,

in-app – is no easy task and can be daunting. We’re here to help!

Our team of mobile media experts leverage the most cutting edge technology to

customize the branding and performance solutions that work best for you – to reach,

target, and convert the right consumers, at the right time and location.





Marketers strive (and spend huge amounts of money) to better understand

their target consumers/users intent and interests.

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Identifying, analyzing, and

optimizing search keywords has proven to be one of the most effective

methods of determining what makes a consumer convert into an active user

or paying customer. Bidding on the right keywords is therefore critical to

enhance campaign performance and increase ROI.

These principles guide us at every stage of creating and running your Search

campaign: from keyword research and search queries to creative ad copy

and engaging landing pages. Each campaign is tailored to your target

consumers and users intent and behavior patterns, and is continuously

optimized to generate the best results and the highest ROI.

TribalTLV manages dozens of premium PPC accounts across Google, GDN

and YouTube, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and LinkedIn.



With over 1.2 billion active users, if Facebook were a country, it would have

the 3rd largest population in the world.

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As consumers/users spend less time on traditional media sites and flock

towards social media sites and apps such as Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter,

and Instagram, it’s no surprise that many marketers consider their social

media presence – particularly on Facebook – as one of their most critical

consumer touch points. Defining a targeted, engaging social media identity

is therefore essential.

Facebook in particular offers enhanced and unique targeting

opportunities, including gender, location, interests, job title, education,

marital status etc, Using such deep targeting, complemented by our

strategic experience leveraging the power, reach, and engagement of

Facebook and other social media channels, positions us to generate the

best results for your campaigns.




triblaTLV is owned by Zarmon Group.

tribalTLV serves more than 10 billion impressions each month worldwide, a testament to our team’s

expertise in Video Display, Mobile Search, and Social advertising.

The company aims to provide clients and partners with creative, innovative and market-leading solutions

in order to grow their businesses and improve their profit margins. While our solutions are scalable, our

service is customized and personal.



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